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Laborers About The Master’s Business Ministries International (LAMB Ministries), is a faith-based Christian ministry serving impoverished inner city Greater New Orleans, Louisiana's youth, children and families and also members of the New Orleans Business Community.  LAMB Ministries is led by Directors Chaplain Hy McEnery and Libba McEnery.  This ministry had its earliest beginnings in 1996 as a Charitable Institution in the State of Louisiana.

LAMB Ministries supports a core group of about fifty impoverished inner city NOLA teens and children who attend classes, mission trips, camping trips and Bible Clubs regularly. This number is ever-changing and growing, as the young people bring friends and family members into the group. Some move away or even go on to college to become leaders themselves. The ministry also distributes food, clothing and supplies to many needy New Orleans families. LAMB volunteers provide academic tutoring, and spiritual and emotional counseling to youth. The trained volunteer leadership and Board members must have passed criminal records checks. All volunteer leadership and Board members also must have graduated from accredited four year colleges or universities.

Chaplain Hy McEnery's also hosts a two hour daily politically incorrect Christian Radio Talk Show titled The Founder’s Show, which is heard daily on 1560 AM. Hy McEnery reaches several thousand listeners per program on this secular radio station. Many listeners call in with questions. The show features his "Chaplain BaBa Founder’s Moment and Gospel Moment" every hour. His message is a strong invitation to trust Christ every hour!