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“But the word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the word which by  
the Gospel is preached unto you.”

I Peter 1:25

Sep 30


WE HAD A BUSY summer, with evangelistic Outreaches and Bible Studies. Never missing Wednesday Night Bible Studies and Dinners, always producing the Sunday Radio Show and its clear Gospel presentation and meeting with youth and adults for ministry throughout every week. LAMB Ministries saw lots of young people put their faith alone in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. And we saw the Lord cause many to grow in His grace and knowledge.  
Everly is 14 now. We have known him since he was born. He’s a quiet, handsome young man. It’s hard to know what he’s thinking. Is he listening at Bible Study? Is he growing? And then, he began seeking leadership roles in Bible Class. He started by quietly helping with the cleanup from our dinners. Then one day, he asked if he could lead the weekly Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag! Every week! Next, he asked if he could help with teaching the Bible Memory Verse every week. Now, he and Mr Hy are partners in the Pledge and the Memory Verse! Everly gets the flag, calls the others (usually 12-20, young and old) to attention and then he leads the Pledge. And, He stands at attention while Mr Hy teaches a short lesson on the Godly origins of America and our US Constitution... Partners in Righteous instruction! Next, Everly reads from the Bible, as Mr Hy holds up the Bible Memory verse for the week! We are studying the Book of Hebrews now, and Hy teaches one chapter every week. The verse comes from the chapter of the week. We are so very proud of Everly! Please pray for his growth in the Lord and in His Word! Pray for his protection from the ravages of the culture which seems to so deeply hurt young people these days.  
Thank you for your prayers and support for LAMB Ministries. We are so very blessed to have such a great opportunity to serve the Lord by teaching His wonderful Word to whosoever will come. Our Monday and Wednesday night Dinners and Bible Studies are going well. On Mondays, Hy is teaching the Gospel of Matthew to 7 to 20 business, professional, and retired adults. Mrs Isabel Strong blesses us all with her wonderful musical gifts on the Piano, leading us in beautiful, historic hymns at the beginning and end of each evening meeting. Mr John Magill prefaces each hymn with a short and very interesting history of that hymn and it’s composers making the music come alive. Among many things that he does for LAMB, Roy Zanca prints up all of our Bible studies.  And, the rest of our group are always contributing something. We have learned so much from these wonderful teachers. And, the Lord is creating fabulous fruit in His very own, all of us! All are invited! We look forward to a wonderful Autumn, fellowshipping and learning God’s precious Word!

If you have any prayer requests, please let us know.  LAMB could not continue without you, and we are all together in this great evangelistic and healing Kingdom work of reaching as many as possible for Christ together until He comes! MARANATHA!  Thank you for your prayers and gracious support, as we strive to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in this, his city!

Shalom and God bless,