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“For unto you this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:11

Dec 05

Merry Christmas, 2019

18 year old Alli is the oldest of 5. The youngest is 3 month old Paul. 13 month old Nonnie never misses Bible Study. She toddles around during the classes, listening to good things about Jesus Christ. Tricia, at 16, is a major helper at Wednesday Bible Studies. Sam, age 13, has become an A Student. Their Mom, Ms Kim, is 34 years old. Everyone in the family regularly attends Bible Study. All, except Baby Paul, who is named after the Apostle Paul, and 13 month old Nonnie, have trusted Christ and are New Born Christians. Alli posted her story of faith last week on Facebook. She was thanking the Lord for rescuing her. She brought her boyfriend to Bible Study in August. He trusted Christ and hasn't missed a LAMB Bible Study since. Believing the Clear Gospel of Grace transforms lives. Every time.

19 year old Tina returned to Bible Study in October. She helps Tricia each week to serve the dinners and clear the table. After the gang fight at Bible Study last Spring, she stopped coming. She was part of the gang. But she missed the loving fellowship she had had for years at Bible Study. And she missed learning the Bible. The Bible gives her hope. Soon she will bring her boyfriend to Bible Study. She brought her youngest sister last week. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Nothing.

Evan turned 12 this week. We had a Birthday Cake and $10 for him. He and his three little brothers are third generation LAMB Kids. Their wonderful parents cannot attend because they each have two jobs. The youngest brother, Ezekiel, will be coming with Evan, Esaias and Emaius next Spring, when he turns 3. The Gospel, when believed, gives focus to our lives.

Mrs Amy comes to Bible Study every week, with her two adult children, Ronnie and Anisha, who both finished school with all As and now have full time jobs. Christ IN you, the hope of Glory, teaches us goodness and truth.

Third generation LAMB Kids and cousins, Leonard, Ainsley, Paris, Jesse and Jackson, love Bible Study and never miss. But they are wilds when they are together and we need prayer! We love them deeply. They are full of the love of God.

This Christmas LAMB will give filled Christmas Stockings to all of our Bible Study youth and to their siblings, nearly 100 young people. We will deliver the stockings the week before Christmas, with hams and turkeys for their family Christmas feasts. Along with the gifts, we present the Gospel and a Bible to each family and pray with them. We have seen hundreds of transformed lives, since we started twenty years ago. All glory to God!

Please share with our kids any toys or toiletries you can. We need help! We need prayer. We need help! Thank you for sending us!