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“He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.”
Psalm 107:29

Sep 16

Hurricane Season, 2021

LAMB’s AAR on Hurricane Ida, Our Odyssey!!
Ida Journaling while Wondering
Hurricane Ida, the Shield Maiden Warrior Viking, (Ida is Scandinavian and means strong and industrious!) Cat 3-5 (120 to 170 MPH)
• Date/Time Report: 29 August 2021/2:30PM
• NOLA ETA: 7:PM, Sunday, 29 August 2021!  
• Land Fall: Was at 12:noon, today, just east of Grand Isle as a Cat 4!
• Future Eye Targets: Houma to Baton Rouge, LA
• Forward speed: 12 MPH  
• NOLA Forecast:  Tropical storm to low hurricane force winds (35-75 MPH) with possible heavier gusts, Flash floods, thunderstorms, mega heavy 10-20 inches of rain, and tornadoes.  
• Monday forecast: On going stormy weather, Flash floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.   
Be smart, be cautious, be safe, use wisdom, and PRAY!  Thanks and God bless,
Early Monday morning weather bulletin:  
3:AM, 30 August 2021
Alert… Hurricane Ida has shifted to the east, with New Orleans and Hammond now in it’s path with 120 MPH winds!
Wait! STOP!! This can’t be happening to me! Wind Blast!!
Monday 3PM, 30 August 2021
⚡️ Entergy: Eight high powered transmission lines providing power to generation systems servicing New Orleans have been damaged with the tower that carried them collapsing into the Mississippi river, even stopping river traffic for 4 days!  We lost our electricity on Sunday at 8:PM!   
Ida hit Hammond as a Cat 2, perhaps a record!  
Cell Phones, at best are only haphazard. Thanks for your prayers.
Our LAMB People 
All are evacuated, and staying with friends or in hotels, gratis FEMA, their hurricane vacation!
We all have survived quite well with God’s Grace and many blessings!

Tuesday, 5:PM, 31 August 2021
⚡️ Generator Issues
Struggling with the generator, yet finally get it fixed, only to have it go out 48 hours later!  Praise God!  The Lord has sent the cavalry over the hill… a dear friend lends us his extra one, and we have enough to save our large amounts of the ministry food in our 3 refrigeration units. Still, no AC!
Where's dah juice? ⚡️
Thursday, 02 September 2021
• From Entergy:  
We restored power yesterday to the majority of customers in your area.  However, our crews working on your power restoration discovered damages requiring additional repairs to the equipment nearest your location. We expect these repairs to be completed and power restored today for those customers who can safely receive it.  We apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience.  
My Analysis:
We will probably have to wait another day or longer. Please note the above fine print catch phrase, "...customers who can safely receive it."  And as in times past, our small section of about three blocks by four blocks has always been the last to receive our properly allotted juice! Last year after the hurricane, our neighbors across the street had electricity. We had to wait two more days. After Katrina, we had to go for two months with no electricity, while the areas all around us had plenty of juice a couple of weeks before us! Thanks again for your concerns, encouragement, and prayers.  
Saturday, 04 September 2021
• All be advised:
Curfew is still in effect is from 8:PM to 6:AM. By now the druggy Gang Bangers are desperate, and with their supplies cut, they are patrolling and looking to loot!  We are now “Danger close”! ☠
⚡️ As per our yesterday afternoon's recon:
Power has been restored to the French Quarter, CBD, parts of N. O. East, parts of the Irish Channel, parts of Uptown, and parts of Mid City, and is due to be restored at our home sometime today! 7 days of equatorial, balmy, and humid heat, sweating, toil, and tears, and still counting... We wait dripping wet and wonder?
Please remember, "Mad dogs and Englishmen go mad in the noonday SUN!" ?
• FEMA Centers open at various locations around the city.
• After many struggles, our generator is back up and running! PTL!!   
However, still no AC relief.
⛪️ As of two days ago and a lovely visit, our precious New Orleans Mission was looking great!
• Several members of our LAMB Community have done wonderful things to help us! Thanks for your concern and prayers.  
⚜️ My no Entergy ⚡️ Update:
Sunday, 05 September 2021
”Water, water, everywhere, yet nare a drop to drink!“
Whoops, I got that wrong. Let’s see, lights, lights, everywhere, yet nare a glimmer to see!  Still no juice with Entergy playing it again, Sam, as loose as a goose, yet still no juice!
While after years of living quite primitively in the bush, I adapt quite well to these abysmal circumstances, yet sadly my poor redheaded wife suffers terribly from the heat, even bringing about heat injuries!  Even though, I am trying desperately hard to keep her on the Gulf Coast and AC away from the steaming sweat, vicious insects, and wild beasties, both animal and human, but with her daughter whom she dearly loves, my bride?keeps charging back into the flames of our furnace of tribulations. Please pray. Help help and God bless,
Labor Day
Monday, 06 September 2021
• Still, no electronic power! However, at Twilight and as my wild Irish bride returned into the heart of darkness, our mystic Crescent, to meet me for this ongoing steaming struggle of ours, there was movement and we realized it’s alive, it’s alive!  Dr. Frankenstein‘s monster is alive. Yes, our home was electrified! ⚡️ The juice was loosed, and now we bake the goose by the heat of the Spruce!  And, both of Libba's beautiful and beloved daughters can now rest knowing that their adventurous mother is safe from all of the hard challenges of Hurricane Ida, The Terrible! ?
In all seriousness, we finally have electricity, and we thank everyone for your encouragement, your concern, your prayers, and your help.  Also, let us remember those who have suffered loss and tragedy from this storm. God bless you, all, and thanks so very much for your concern and your prayers.
An Ida Requiem
Sunday, 9-11-2021
Not the worst hurricane, but one of the toughest to hit us. Now Dead and buried in the Atlantic and nowhere nearly as bad as Katrina, yet in it’s own way was quite destructive, even going as far as the Northeast and killing as many people there as it killed in Louisiana for a grand total of over 60 mortalities! ☠ Aside from minor damages to our home, the last thing to fix was our Internet which we were going to have to wait until Tuesday, 14 September 2021. But then to our surprise, AT&T came and fixed it on Friday, September 10th. There is still a glitch with it, but I trust this too shall soon pass. And so, we are almost back to normal with a small degree of debris cleanup left and with an occasional loss of electricity, yet keenly observing what is already coming our way the latest storm, Nicholas!
Thanks again so very much for everyone’s concern, prayers, and help. It meant a lot! We will not forget, and the Lord bless you all.

Everyone is welcome at every LAMB Ministries event!  And, all events are free to all, for Proverbs 23:23 says, “Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”  ? Please pray for the youth and adults in LAMB Ministries. Please help us to reach New Orleans kids and adults with the saving message of the Gospel and to disciple them in God’s Word, the Bible.  We are so grateful to the Lord for all who pray, volunteer, and donate to LAMB Ministries.  We have continued to safely meet with wonderful people throughout each week and on the Radio to proclaim God’s wonderful Word!  Please continue to support and to pray for our Ministry as we seek to serve the Lord in this, His city, New Orleans.  Please pray for our tech skills and for toys for our little ones, our little boys and girls!  Please pray for all who are part of LAMB, and that the Lord will bring new people to hear his Word.  
If you have any prayer requests, please let us know.  LAMB could not continue without you, and we are all together in this great evangelistic and healing Kingdom work of reaching as many as possible for Christ together until He comes!  MARANATHA!  Thank you again for your prayers, encouragement and gracious support! 

Shalom and God bless,       
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery