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Holiday Food Baskets and Toys for the Urban Poor...
Can you help?  Will you help?

Nov 15

LAMB, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Your giving will help us raise funds for our Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas Meal and Toy distributions without which many of our children will have no toys or Christmas cheer.  Please support LAMB Ministries through your prayers and finances, so that we can continue to reach New Orleans people with these holiday blessings and a clear Gospel message of God’s great LOVE!
Once again and for the third time in the 23 year history of LAMB, a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation, we are seeking to raise tax deductible funds through people’s stock, bond, securities, and/or cash donations made every year at the end of the year by generous donors.  If you are interested please contact me at:

CH Hy McEnery
LAMB Inc. (Labourers About The Master’s Business Ministries International, Inc.)
5127 Laurel Street New Orleans, LA 70115 / Cell 504-723-9369
And, I will direct you to our Hancock Whitney account (Acct#: JRL 000234) where your securities donations can be made, or please see: Michael Glazer, our Hancock Whitney’s securities expert, at 504-539-7823 or 504-220-4942.

Cash donations by check should be made out to LAMB Inc. and mailed to our office at 5127 Laurel Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115 where they will be deposited into our LAMB account.  Giving can also be made on our web site,, through our Pay Pal account, or just go to
As you know, LAMB is a ministry that has worked with the urban poor and inner-city kids with many of them being short termers.  For over 23 years, we have seen many wonderful life changing experiences with our kids with over 4,000 coming to Christ and hundreds more going on to live very healthy happy lives that they would have never had without God, LAMB, and your help.  With a new found Hope, many of our kids are now working and living healthy and productive lives.  The ones that are over 17-18 years of age are working full-time jobs with great careers for their futures, and some are married, raising their children (our second generation), and bringing them to our ongoing youth Bible studies!  In the ghetto the term, “Short Termer”, means that by their mid-20s they will either be in jail for life, at the morgue, or living at the homeless mission, and they don’t even realize there’s any other world.  It is one of America’s greatest tragedies, but “Praise God”, LAMB is changing this… one child at a time!
This is a very hard yet very rewarding work.  God is glorified through aid to the needy and the poor, the preaching of the Gospel, and the teaching of His Word.  LAMB, we who are sent, cannot continue without You, those who will send, who will also enjoy with us the same rewards of Christian service.

Thanks so very much for your generous giving and support in the past, and we hope that you can help us once again during this Thanksgiving and Christmas time of giving.

Shalom and God bless,                   
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery