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“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.”
Matthew 18:5

Jan 31

A New Year and a Third Generation

Emmaus is nearly five.  We first met his Mother when she was eleven along with his two uncles and his Grand Parents.  It was the year 2000.  It was a memorable night, because all of them trusted Jesus Christ.  Except his Uncle T, who was seven at the time.  Uncle T had already believed the Gospel, and that was evident.
Emmaus never misses Bible Study.  He has his own special booster seat in the big Ministry Miracle Van.  He never cries.  He always smiles.  He loves to pray, and he loves Jesus.  His big brothers, 12 and 9, protect him from all the wildness from wild kids and teens in the van and at Bible Study.  They tell him that it’s true about Jesus; that he really is God who came in the flesh and died for everybody’s sins and then raised himself from the dead.  They tell him that they have eternal life and that he can too, if he will truly believe on Jesus’ name.  Emmaus says he believes.  If so, then he is also a forever child of God.  His brothers are missionaries.  Next year, their two year old baby brother will come to Bible Study.  Third generation LAMB kids!  They are what LAMB Ministries in New Orleans is all about.
Preteens, Leonard, Ainsley and Paris come to Bible Study every other week.  When they get together with their two cousins, Jesse and Jackson, the big white Van rocks from side to side as we travel down I-10 to Bible Study! We thank the Lord daily for our two big, strong vans!  WILD is not a strong enough word!  So, we split the cousins up, alternating weeks!  The cousins are also third generation LAMB kids, and we love listening to them as they tell us how they trusted Christ and how he has already transformed their young lives.  Last week the little girls gave their testimonies to the group.  We made phone videos for their mothers.
Little Noonie is only one. Her baby brother is 6 months old.  They come with their Mom, big brother, two older sisters, and their brother in law to Bible study every week.  Everyone rides in the big van.  Their family is growing in the Lord.  Volunteer, Mrs Mia, her two grown children, and 26 year old, Al, also pile into the van each week for Bible study.  They are our disciplinarians.  Mrs. Mia teaches Bible to the teenage girls.  She teaches them Scriptural Life lessons.  Mrs Libba teaches the younger kids, and Mr Hy teaches the big boys and men.  Volunteer and Hy’s twin sister, Mrs. Mary Forest, leads and instructs the whole group on prayer.  10 year LAMB volunteer, Mr Mark, drives himself to Bible Study, and always has an inspirational Bible message for the group after our opening Pledge of Allegiance.  We thank God for sending these wonderful volunteers.
God blessed us with a generous donation for kids’ and adult Study Bibles, and we are teaching through those Bibles to our youth and also our adult Bible Studies, as the Lord has taught us!  God takes his word and transforms generations!  We now have three generations!  
Thanks for your loving prayers and financial support.  We are asking God now for a working printer!  LAMB could not continue without you, and we are all together in this great evangelistic work of reaching as many as possible, as many generations as possible, for Christ!

Shalom and God bless,                   
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery