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“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. “
John 1:5

Jun 01

Kels, Kira, Tillis, Alicia, and Raven

There are five of them. Best friends forever. Kels and Kira were first. And, their Mother, Mrs S.  They absolutely trusted Christ as their personal Savior back in 2011, when they were small.  Brother Jerry’s Child Evangelism SMITE Team brought them the clear Gospel and they started coming to our LAMB Ministries Bible Study and Dinner every Wednesday night. They brought many friends over the years, helping to lead all of them to Christ. Now, Kels is 15.  Kira is 14. And, they are faithful to reach new friends with the same message of faith alone in Christ alone.  Tillis, Alicia, and Raven are the newest to join the group.  As always, we drove them all home this week, to Central City, the highest kill zone in New Orleans.  They wanted us to take a little tour. We drove in and out of streets that we thought we knew.  “That’s my best Church”, shouted Raven! “Look, those ladies coming out are my friends. And, there is the choir! Turn right, Mrs Libba. I’ll show you the one I go to on Sunday morning!  Look, there is my friend’s Mother! Hey! Mrs Lynette!” “Hey, Raven”, the lady waved and answered back!  “Now, go down this street”, Tillis laughed.  “You haven’t seen nothing yet!”  Three more blocks around and three more little Churches.  Happy people were standing, visiting outside. Everyone had been to Wednesday Night Church.  They all knew Tillis, Alicia and Raven.  Happiness seemed to float through the air.
“Yes, Mrs Libba. I believed on Jesus last year for sure”’ asserted Raven.  “I believed three weeks ago - with you”, exclaimed Alicia. “And, me too, a couple months ago in the Bible Study with y’all”, insisted Tillis.  “And, my brother, he’s a Rapper now, but he believed five years ago with y’all.  And, so did my sister, Markie.”
Revival is beginning in Central City, New Orleans.  The power of God and Truth is overcoming the darkness.  Children and teens are believing the Gospel. Adults are believing. God is changing hearts and lives.  In this one violence infested area, LAMB Ministries has been used by God to lead many kids to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Thirty of them have attended LAMB’s Wednesday night Bible Studies and trusted Jesus Christ. Twelve are regular attenders now. Many others have attended LAMB outreaches, and have believed through our yearly Evangelistic Easter Egg Hunts, Summer VBS, and Five Day Clubs.  We love them all deeply.  When they trusted Christ, each one began to show God’s transforming work in and through their lives.  Several drifted and got caught up in crime.  All of those, except one, have turned back from crime, and have returned to Bible Study and fellowship.  We are praying for that one 17 year old boy.  Please pray for him, the others and for LAMB Ministries.
We continue to preach the Gospel and watch as God’s Truth penetrates and transforms hearts, one at a time, in Central City, the 7th Ward, the 8Th Ward, the 9th Ward and in the Lower 9th Ward. Please prayerfully consider supporting LAMB Ministries financially, so that we can keep on keeping on.  We need help!  Badly!  We need a Ministry Center, so that kids can walk to us every day.

Shalom and God bless,       
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery