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“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”
Acts 16:31

Oct 16

Trini, Kels, and Robert

14 year old Kels brought Trini to Bible Study, like she has brought so many friends before.  Trini refused the delicious lasagna we served at the Bible Study dinner, and she refused the fresh fruit, salad and the hot bread!  But, the ice cream and Albert’s Birthday cake... she had thirds!  Beautiful Trini is 13.
After the Pledge of Allegiance (all standing, with hand over hearts and guys’ hats off!), every Bible Study starts with Libba’s Bible lesson on Law and Grace, and then Mr Mark’s Biblical application with an emphasis on Israel and a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to God.  Trini listened and was quiet. Everyone listens each week. It’s a special time. Then, Dinner is served! Fellowship is loud and joyful. We love each other, and feel like family.  Trini fit right in, she was happy.  After dinner, we break into classes.  Hy takes the guys into the living room, and he teaches a Bible Lesson.  Hy is teaching Genesis to the men and boys.  Mrs Mila, Ms Teriyona, and Ms Trachelle take the teen girls.  Libba takes the little kids - outside.  The teen girls are learning about living a Biblical lifestyle.  They LOVE it.  They love their Teachers, and open up to them about their concerns and tribulations.  Trini just listened.
Mr Hy always drives the Downtown people home.  Mrs Libba takes the Uptown people.  Trini lives Uptown.  “If you were to die tonight, Trini”, said Mrs Libba, “and one hour before you died, Jesus Christ, God the Son, came into your room and said, ‘Trini, tonight you will die. Why should I let you into my Heaven’?”  Trini had no answer.  “Do you want to know what the Bible tells you is the only way to get into Heaven?” asked Mrs Libba.  “Listen to her”, said Kels.  Trini admitted that she wanted to go to Heaven and wanted to know about God.  She listened as Mrs Libba explained that God made Heaven and wanted Trini to be there with Him, but that her sin would keep her out. She listened, smiling, as Kels explained sin to her.  Then Kels told her that Jesus had paid all the punishment of death for everyone’s sin, including hers.  Then to prove it and to give His Resurrection Everlasting Life, He rose from the dead!  “Believing on Jesus is the way to get in!” Kels said.  “You gotta believe.”

Trini trusted Christ that dark September night just outside of her Uptown home in the LAMB Miracle Van, another Child of God.  Just as she believed, her brother Robert biked up to the van.  He had trusted Christ at a LAMB Bible Study years ago, and was a regular attendee for a while.  His family moved, and we lost track of him.  But, God hadn’t!
LAMB Ministries takes the Great Commission seriously.  It’s our Mission.  Kids and adults anywhere are our focus.  Through Bible Studies, Dinners, Radio, and in every way possible, we reach people with the clear Gospel that Jesus saves.  Please pray for us, and please help us!

Hy had a major setback Saturday, and had to go to the emergency room at the VA.  He has a complete tear of the quadriceps tendon with extreme pain requiring urgent major surgery this coming Thursday, 18 Oct 2018, and it has incapacitated him for the next few weeks. We have been struggling with this for the past several days, and have been completely focused on this current dilemma.  The worst case scenario is that he could lose the use of his left leg.  Please pray for him, Libba, and LAMB.
Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and patience.

Shalom and God bless,       
Chaplain Hy and Libba McEnery