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“And we know that all things together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28

Oct 23

The Faith by Hearing God’s Word

“Who is God, Eli?”, Mrs Libba asked the five year old little New Orleans boy.  “He is three in one, one in three, and he made the whole world”, answered the child. Yes, even a little child can believe God’s Word, for it is spiritually discerned.  Smaller groups of Bible students come to the Monday night and Wednesday night Bible studies and dinners now, because of Covid.  But the ones who come rarely miss and they truly are students of the Word, no matter their ages. They are growing stronger in faith, because faith comes by hearing God’s Word.  Hy is teaching 1 Corinthians to 8-15 adult students on Monday nights, and he is teaching Romans to 10-15 younger students, as well as to several adults, on Wednesday nights.  Both groups are served a full course, sit down Dinner! LAMB Ministries has two House Churches! We are close and growing strong in the Word of God.  Covid has not stopped LAMB Ministries at all, though we are careful to observe the Covid rules issued by our Mayor and Governor, as Romans 13 has taught us to do.

Our Ministry Center home is becoming a place of Christian refuge.  The Lord is answering our prayer to make 5127 Laurel Street a New Orleans L’Abri.  Like Pastor Francis Schaeffer, we want non Christians to find Jesus Christ in the house he has lent us and to believe the clear Gospel and we want Christians to find rest, spiritual refreshment, and Christian fellowship here.  We hope to involve people in LAMB Ministry.  Why else would the Lord give us such a large place with so many rooms!  It has become rare to have no visitors!  Let us all take every opportunity to serve the Lord by sharing the wonderful gifts he has given us.  For, ”the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4)

Supporters of LAMB, you have greatly blessed us by making it possible to continue preaching and teaching God’s wonderful Word here in New Orleans and on the radio!  We cannot continue in ministry without the help of other Ministers!  Thank you!  Please pray for a new or a repaired computer for LAMB.  Covid shut down issues have shut down our computer and computer repair is unavailable!  We need help!  Please pray the Lord will continue to send us out with the Gospel!  And, please pray for Hy’s radio programs as he seeks to present the clear Gospel to as many people as possible.  He will soon begin a new half hour Radio Show three days each week which will be verse by verse Bible teaching!  The Lord has promoted him!!

We are so grateful to the Lord for all who pray, volunteer, and donate to LAMB Ministries.  We have continued to safely meet with wonderful people throughout each week and on the Radio to proclaim God’s wonderful Word!  Please continue to support and to pray for our Ministry as we seek to serve the Lord in this, His city, New Orleans.  If you have any prayer requests, please let us know.  LAMB could not continue without you, and we are all together in this great evangelistic and healing Kingdom work of reaching as many as possible for Christ before He returns!  MARANATHA!